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An offer in compromise is just one of the remedies for solving your IRS tax issues. With an offer in compromise you offer according to your current financial, health and future earnings potential. An OIC can take time to complete and all data must be current. Also the Internal Revenue Service can take up to 6 months or more to approve, deny, request additional documents or make a counter offer. Don't plan on getting in trouble with the IRS again or they can undo your offer even after you have paid it in full. Click on more details to see more on the Offer in Compromise tax help Program.

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July 10th 2009 - IRS will cancel or put on hold all collections for taxpayers that are experiencing economic hardship. This IRS Tax Help and relief is available now. Interest and penalties will still apply however your paychecks and bank accounts will be safe. The tax form to apply for this is 433a. You can do this for free on your own or call us for help with your particular tax situation.

July 11th 2009 - Remember to document all discussions with the IRS by asking for the name and ID number of employee of the taxing agency. I suggest a log titled "IRS tax journal" or similar.

July 26th 2009 - An offer in compromise does not mean that you have to come up with all the money to pay at once. An offer in compromise cam include a proposal to pay monthly installments payments over time. IRS help is always available at Leslie and Associates, Inc. and since tax help is our specialty you can be confiden that the job will be accomplished.

August 20th 2009 -

Offer in Compromise Facts

All Taxpayers Do Not Qualify for an Offer in Compromise

Absent special circumstances, if you have the ability to fully pay your tax liability in a lump sum or via an installment agreement, an offer in compromise will not be accepted.

Offer in Compromise Payments are Non-refundable

The IRS considers the 20 percent payment for a lump sum offer and any periodic payments as “payments on tax” and are not refundable, regardless of whether the offer is declared not-processable or is later returned, withdrawn, rejected or terminated by the IRS.

Federal Tax Liens are Not Released

If there is a Notice of Federal Tax Lien on record prior to acceptance of the offer, the lien is not released until the OIC terms are satisfied or until the liability is paid, whichever comes first.  A Notice of Federal Tax Lien may be filed during the course of the OIC investigation.

Payments May be Designated

You may designate in writing how the IRS should apply payments made with the filing of the offer and while an offer is under investigation. Without a written designation, payments will be applied to the tax liability and in the government’s best interest. The $150 application fee cannot be designated, but is applied to the tax liability and in the government’s best interest.


The IRS will keep any refund, including interest due, because of an overpayment of any tax or other liability, for tax periods extending through the calendar year the IRS accepts the OIC.

Exception: Offers submitted under the basis of doubt as to liability.


The IRS will keep all payments and credits made, received or applied to the total original tax liability before the OIC was submitted.  The IRS may also keep any proceeds from a levy that was served prior to the submission of an OIC, but which were not received at the time the OIC was submitted.

Statutory Period for Collection Suspended

The statutory period for collection is suspended during the period that the OIC is under consideration (pending) and is further suspended if the OIC is rejected by the IRS and you appeal the rejection.

Five Year Compliance

If your offer is accepted, you must timely file all tax returns and timely pay all tax for five years or until the offered amount is paid in full, whichever period is longer.  Failure to adhere to these terms will result in default of the offer and the IRS may then collect the amounts originally owed plus penalties and interest.

OIC Payment and Application Fee Exceptions

If you qualify for a low-income exception waiver or you submit a doubt as to liability offer you are exempt from the $150 application fee and any OIC payments due upon submission of the OIC or during the course of the investigation. The low income waiver does not apply to businesses.


If your OIC is rejected, you will have the opportunity to file an appeal which will be heard by the IRS Office of Appeals.  There are no appeal rights associated with offers that are returned, withdrawn or terminated.

Approved Installment Agreement

If you have an approved installment agreement and submit a periodic payment offer, you are not required to continue to make the installment agreement payments while the offer is being investigated.  You will, however, be required to make the OIC periodic payments as they become due.

Mandatory Acceptance

Per IRC 7122(f), the IRS will deem an offer “accepted” if it is not withdrawn, returned or rejected within 24 months of the IRS receipt date. If a liability included in the offer amount is disputed in any judicial proceeding, that time period is omitted from calculating the 24-month time frame.

Public Inspection Files

The law requires the IRS to make certain information from accepted Offers in Compromise available for public inspection and review. These public inspection file locations are located in designated IRS Area Offices.


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